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Before a perspective owner even starts searching for a pedigreed Persian kitten, they must realize that good quality kittens with a dedicated top reputable breeders don't come cheap! The saying, "You get what you pay for" rings very true when looking for a Persian kitten. You may find pedigreed Persian kittens for an inexpensive price, but what price are you REALLY going to pay in the long run when you may get a kitten with ringworm, parasites, or much, much worse? I say "MAY" because there are good breeders around the country asking less for their kittens, but that doesn't necessarily make them bad breeders. There are also many breeders asking far more for their kittens than we do, but, that is their prerogative. There is an astronomical expense that goes into a cattery and its parent cats and kittens. At Precious Gems Persians, you can be assured that we take NO short cuts in feeding,sanitizing the cattery, or medical care.

Deciding the pricing of our kittens takes a lot of thought and is very difficult at times. The market is, of course, very competitive and pricing really needs to be kept within reachable limitations for the public, as well as to cover the expenses incurred with a breeders cattery. Some of the considerations are....perceived quality, time of the year, region of the country, doll-faced verses extreme faced, rare colors, etc. The West Coast of the U.S. seems to be in my estimation the most expensive. Also, doll-faced kittens are more in demand which effects pricing, as well as the non-show quality extreme faced cats/kittens. Color also has a large bearing on the price.

Our payments are by money order, cashiers check, or cash in person only.

I believe that a great deal of the general public feel that breeders are making huge amounts of money from their catteries. The real truth of it is that by the time all of the expenditures are in for the year, we make very little profit in comparison to what we put into our cats/kittens. I have heard it said many times from breeders that by the time all is said and done, they come up "in the red". Maybe that is true in some cases and possibly due to poor financial planning on some breeders' parts. I can only honestly speak for ourselves, and that is YES, we do make a little profit, but it is minuscule in comparison to what time and money is put into our cats/kittens and into the upkeep of keeping our cattery!

If you see a kitten on our available kittens page that you are interested in, the first thing to do is contact us. We have extra pictures of the kitten that you are interested in which we can email to you. The kittens are usually available for adoption between 10-12 weeks of age, or when they are of good weight, eating well, and have a health clearing from our vet, and when we think they are safe enough to leave our care. If you have any questions that you need answered, please feel free to email or call us. We will answer your email or calls promptly.

We want to ensure that our kittens are being placed in forever homes that are loving and responsible. Therefore, we may ask you some questions pertaining to your having any experience with cats/kittens, other animals in the home, children, etc. Remember: No answers are wrong answers! These questions placed to you are so that I know how much instruction that you will need about your kitten, what kitten may be right for you, how to introduce a new kitten to your dog as well as your children, and so forth.

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to hold a kitten. At that point, your kitten will then be considered spoken for and have "ADOPTED" by it's name on our website. You will be asked to read our contract through thoroughly and ask for clarification on any part of it before signing and emailing or mailing it to us.


PRECIOUS GEMS PERSIANS offers shipping all over the United States. We use United Airlines Pet Safe program. The kittens are shipped in a very safe, climate controlled, lit, and pressurized cabin environment on the plane. Usually, there is one plane change during your kitten's flight. The kitten is taken in a temperature controlled vehicle to the airline building until the next flight is ready to leave. Then, your kitten is taken back to the plane in a temperature controlled vehicle. They are NEVER  left alone sitting somewhere inside the airport or outside! We have used United Airlines for 9 years and NEVER had any incidence of injury to the pets! We feel that this is a very safe method of delivery and have received our own kittens in this manner. We wouldn't hesitate to do it again, and wouldn't think of risking our kittens and the future owners of these precious little ones if we weren't completely confident in this airline program.


*24-Hour live animal desk

*Confirms the booking prior the the departure

*Monitoring the weather conditions continually at all destinations of the flights

*Tracks the animal to its final destination
*Climate controlled plane cabins and also vehicles when the pets are transported 
  to flights

The cost of shipping is usually somewhere between $300. If you want your kitten delivered to a closer, but smaller airport, this is considered what they call a "dash" flight. Then, the shipping cost would be the price listed that is on the higher side.

"two things are aesthetically perfect in the world - the clock and the cat."

Emile Auguste Chartier


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