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This kitten/cat is being sold as a Pet_____Breeder_____Initial of Breeder_____


Name of kitten/cat _______________________________


Date of Birth__________________


Name of Dam__________________________________


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Date of Sale ___________________


Price of kitten/cat________________


Breeder fee (if applicable) ___________(Initial of Breeder)______


The price of kitten/cat does not include the shipping or delivery costs. There are NO cash refunds given. If the kitten is returned, a replacement kitten of equal or lesser value will be given when one comes available. If this kitten is purchased for show, there is no guarantee to the show ability of this kitten as there are too many factors that can come about that the kitten will not develop into show quality. Seller cannot guarantee exact coloring of fur or eye color since both of these traits can alter as the kitten matures. Seller also cannot guarantee the exact size of the kitten as a mature adult. If this animal is sold as a breeder, there are no guarantees pertaining to the possible fertility. There is an extra charge for kittens/cats being sold as either as a breeder or show quality.  BUYERS INITIAL______

There is a 1 year health genetic health guarantee on all of our kittens that are placed. The kitten/cat MUST BE examined by the buyers vet within 72 hours of arrival. The cost is the responsibility of the new owner. If the kitten/cat IS NOT taken to the vet within this 72 hour allotment, then the health guarantee is null and void. Replacements kittens/cats may be returned ONLY if a licensed veterinarian diagnoses the animal as having a life threatening illness or a genetic deformity. Life threatening means that the kitten/cat will have a life span that is shortened or is in a constant painful state for the duration of their life. The cat/kitten MUST be TESTED by 2 seperate veterinarians in the case of suspected serious genetic illnesses in order for the genetic health guarantee to be valid. Precious Gems Persians is not responsible for any costs incurred with veterinary bills, or fuel costs after kitten/cat has left our cattery. The seller is not responsible for a kitten/cat if genetic deformity is found unless buyer reports this abnormality within 2 days within being recognized by a licensed, certified veterinarian. There will be no replacement if there is apparent neglect and or improper care that has been inflicted upon the kitten. Precious Gems Persians will NOT GIVE CASH REFUNDS on any kitten returned. There will only be replacement kittens given when they become available by the seller. The seller canít guarantee that the replacement kitten will appear exactly like the kitten that is replaced, and there MUST BE documentation by a certified veterinarian to the seller by the buyer that there is indeed a genetic deformity present in the kitten. The replacement kitten will be selected by the buyer for equal or lesser value of the kitten being replaced. BUYERS INITIAL______

If Precious Gems Persians sell a kitten/cat going to a household with multiple cats, the 1 year guarantee against genetic defects is only good for that 1 year. Fungus, mites, or fleas are minor nuisances and is not included in the guarantee. Stress can often play a part in a kitten/cat developing a minor upper respiratory infection or fungus from them relocating, and the breeder cannot guarantee that this will not happen. The buyer should always keep their new kittens/cats separate from any other pets until they are checked by their vet for a minimum of 2 weeks (14 days) from the time they arrive from the breeder. The kittens/cats should always be kept indoors. BREEDERS INITIAL______BUYERS INITIAL______


BUYER agrees not to sell or give kitten/cat to another owner without written permission from PRECIOUS GEMS PERSIANS, and they agree that under no circumstances sell, trade, or give this kitten/cat to a broker or commercial retailer for sale, pet shops, laboratory, or animal shelter, etc. BUYER'S INITIAL______If it should become necessary for the buyer to re-home the kitten/cat, it may be possible that PRECIOUS GEMS PERSIANS can help find a new home for the pet.

Buyer should understand that there is a required minimum deposit of $400 on kittens being sold as pets and a minimum deposit of $500 for a kitten /cat being sold as a breeder or show cat. Buyer should be aware that these minimum deposits are non-refundable UNLESS the kitten/cat should not survive before pickup, or the kitten is found to have a genetic defect by a licensed vet prior to shipping or pick up. Any deposit placed on a kitten/cat will automatically be deducted from the total cost of their kitten/cat. Balance for kitten/cat is due at least 7 days before shipping/delivery/pickup.BUYERS INITIAL______


In the event that this kitten is being sold as a breeder. There is a $500 breeders fee required in addition to the regular asking price.  BREEDERS INITIAL______

PRECIOUS GEMS PERSIANS is not responsible for any cost related to shipping or deliver of a replacement kitten. The agreement binds the buyer the agreement that this sale origin is in Port Charlotte, Florida. The seller is not responsible for any veterinarian, travel, initial exam, office visits, lab testing, vaccinations, surgeries, medications, fuel for transportation, time off work, nor any other initial visits or future visits. All medical care is the responsibility of the buyer. All Shipping costs are NON-REFUNDABLE. The signature of the buyer shows that the seller has read, understands, and accepts all the terms stated in this contract. BUYERS INITIAL_____

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